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We can provide a local electrician near you in the Merthyr Dyfan area today.

As a homeowner, you will surely find yourself thinking “I need an electrician” at some point.

Whether it is for a safety check or surprise repairs, it’s essential to use an accredited electrician you are able to trust to do the job correctly, to current regulations (no pun intended) without cutting any corners.

Your local electrician servicing Merthyr Dyfan and the surrounding areas.

You may simply need an extra electric socket installed or a lighting fixture repaired, we have all the tools and skills required to take on whatever project you have for us and all of our electricians are Nic Eic registered.

We also provide EICR safety certificates for rental properties.

Regardless of the size of your house or how big your electrical project may be, when you use us, you’ll benefit from our amazing services, tailored just for you by your friendly local electrician!

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At Cardiff Electrician we understand the relationships we have built with our clients are our business’s most valuable assets.
Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we treat every single project the way we would manage our very own house, with pride, respect, and dependability.
Take a look below and see for yourself why you should choose us as your local Merthyr Dyfan electrician.

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Here at Cardiff Electrician we take our job very seriously. All of our electrical technicians are licensed, insured and registered with Nic Eic and we back that with 100% service guarantee.

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We only provide the very best! All of our electrical technicians are completely certified, highly skilled and trained in every aspect of the electrical field.

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Our electrical services are fast friendly, and, most of all, affordable.

We are the experts, and our accredited electricians are the very best in the electrical industry.
We know exactly how to handle all the difficult jobs.
With that said, no electric job is too big or small for our electric techs.
If your requirements involve electrical repair, we can accommodate all of them because we are skilled, experienced, and our regular customers turn to us every time they require any kind of electric repair, installation or maintenance.

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Electrical Maintenance

It is important to carry out electrical maintenance on a regular basis; maintaining all the electrical fittings, appliances and devices in and around your home.
Maintenance enhances the smooth running of all the electricity powered items in your home, while creating a safe environment that will be free from all sorts of hazards. Home safety is obviously one of the most dearly held goals by most, if not all, homeowners everywhere.
A home is designed to be a safe haven for its dwellers, and therefore anything and everything that favours home safety should always be accorded first priority.
Electrical maintenance for the home is without question, one of the foremost and sure steps towards fostering a safe home. Of the various ways there are of maintaining your home’s electrical fixtures, the most efficient way is to make certain that it passes regular checks on all electrical installations in your home.
That will, in most cases, be best accomplished by an experienced accredited electrician contracted by you.A local electrician near you in the Merthyr Dyfan area 4

The Importance of Proper and Timely Electrical Maintenance

When regular electrical maintenance checks are carried out for a home, various unwelcome mishaps associated with electricity can be easily avoided by catching problems early.

A regular electrical check can pay for itself by avoiding very high expenses of repairing, or even replacing badly affected electrical devices due to small problems that would have otherwise not have been detected.

In terms of home safety rather than cost, maintenance of key electrical components will ensure that your family safety is upheld.
Below are three key points where proper and timely electrical maintenance translates directly to home safety:

  • Outdoor Lighting The outdoor lighting in your home does a lot for your home safety.
    For one, it ensures that your porches and walkways are well lit and thus safe for both you and your guests at night.
    The other thing that they do is deter thieves and burglars, who always prefer to operate in the dark. The light fixtures, bulbs and lines of your outdoor lighting require regular checks and replacements because of the very nature of them being outdoors subjected to the elements.
    Having an accredited electrician carry out such checks on a regular basis will ensure that, at no point, will your outdoor area be left dark.
  • DIY Risks The urge to do things yourself when it comes to taking care of your home is always there, and often comes with a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.
    Even though DIY appears to be a good idea there are some things that are advisably better left to the experts, and electrical repairs must surely top that list. With a properly planned electrical maintenance schedule and a reliable contractor, you will never feel the need to attempt to replace your old wiring or repair a broken socket, because that can be a very dangerous thing to attempt if you are not trained.
  • Fire Hazards A home fire can obviously be very devastating and frightening to the homeowner, and that is to say the least since such fires can result in the loss of lives. Electrical faults are one of the leading causes of fires in homes and almost always occur as a result of problems associated with the wiring.
    Heat from the wiring can, over time, degrade their protective covering to a point where it gets completely broken down.
    When that happens, bare wires could make contact each other, shorting and sparking up a fire within the walls of your home or other areas where these cables run. There are normally signs that would, if recognised, alert you when your wiring has become old and degraded.
    These include the constant tripping of breaker switches, brown and discoloured wall sockets or outlets, and at the extreme, an occasional electrical shock you might get when plugging in an appliance or simply touching it while it is plugged in.

However, when you are at that point of being able to notice those signs, it often means that the problems with your wiring are at their extreme. The best thing is to have regular checks done by an accredited electrician to always be on the safe side.


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Here are a few facts about Merthyr Dyfan

Merthyr Dyfan or Dyfan is a northeastern suburb of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, in south Wales, formerly an independent medieval village. It is also an ecclesiastical parish[2] and a formal[clarification needed] electoral ward of the Vale of Glamorgan. It borders Colcot to the west, Buttrills to the southwest and Gibbonsdown to the southeast. Its main roads are Merthyr Dyfan Road, a hilly road leading down from the A4050 road (Port Road) which leads into Wenvoe and Cardiff; and Skomer Road which separates it from Gibbonsdown and eventually also leads to the A4050 road. Merthyr Dyfan contains an old parish church, Barry Rugby Club, Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School and the Master Mariner Pub and Holm View Leisure Centre, although the last two could be considered to be in northern Gibbonsdown. Watercolour artist Thomas Frederick Worrall lived in Barry from 1913 and painted several scenes of Merthyr Dyfan. A depiction of Merthyr Dyfan Road, viewed from where the road curves and looking towards the coast, has been deposited at the National Library of Wales. It is to be digitised and made available on their web site. The Church in Wales has a small painting of his of the church.

Although the usual modern meaning of the Welsh word merthyr (from the Greek μαρτυς, μαρτυρος "witness") is 'martyr', the word formerly also indicated a martyrium, a martyr's grave or a structure or church erected at such a grave.[4][5] Similar examples, all in south Wales, are Merthyr Cynog, Merthyr Tydfil, and Merthyr Mawr. Of the Dyfan who presumably inspired the name, nothing seems to be known, although the Iolo Manuscripts collected by Edward Williams have led to his popular conflation with the St Deruvian who was added to the King Lucius legends in the 12th century. Owing to Williams's numerous forgeries and additions to other texts, however, this identification is now generally discredited.[6] Baring-Gould notes Deruvian's "whole history, from beginning to end, is a pure fabrication, and the church of Merthyr Dyfan has been made to serve as a peg to hang it on".[7] The earliest historic church at the site was credited (and then dedicated) to St Teilo in the 6th century.[8] The current church is Norman, built in the early 13th century, and was consecrated by Bishop William de Burgh of Llandaff in 1250.[9] The church fell into neglect during the Reformation period but was fully restored in the late 19th century.[9] In 1970 it underwent renovation: amongst other things, the windows were reglazed and the church was reroofed in Welsh slate.[9] It is now formally dedicated to both Saints Dyfan and Teilo[10] and as recently as 2010 the local parish continued to claim it to be the oldest Christian site in Wales, citing the legends concerning King Lucius.[11][12]

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